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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Nurse Navigation aids in remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients

Sumter County partnered with American Medical Response, the county’s emergency medical transportation provider, and its parent company, Global Medical Response, to provide COVID-19 patients remote patient monitoring services.

Nurse Navigation is a service that allows GMR EMS providers to connect persons with COVID-19 infections with licensed nurses to monitor the progress of at-home recovery. This service frees up EMS resources for emergency calls, provides access to care for residents, and improves the patient’s personalized care. Dispatchers route potential outbreak cases to the remote nurse navigators who screen the patients per CDC guidelines to direct them to the appropriate care. It also provides remote monitoring for quarantined patients to self-report symptoms for daily monitoring by licensed nurses until quarantine release or care escalation.

This service has proven its success with COVID-19 patients. Rita Gallin, a resident of Oxford, and a recovered patient described how helpful the nurse was in her at-home recovery, “I had many questions for Nurse Elena, and she answered each one with ease and much information to help me at the time. Her knowledge on COVID-19 was outstanding.”

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