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Monday, October 3, 2022

Don’t believe ‘sky-is-falling’ reporting from AP on Greenland’s ice

John Shewchuk

Numerous papers across America posted yet another climate alarmist article by the Associated Press (AP) on Aug. 22 called “That’s amazing: Greenland Lost 586 Billion Tons of Ice in 2019.”  So what. This is exactly what is expected during our current Interglacial Warming Period. Glaciers melt … sea levels rise.  No big deal.  The “AP” must be hard up for “scary” news.  This is no different than posting an article saying … “That’s amazing: Snows melt and rivers rise as warm spring temperatures arrive.” As Joe would say … “come on man.”  The “AP” may as well call themselves the “Alien Press” for out-of-this-world trivia.

Let’s not forget why Greenland was called Green-Land in the first place. Just ask the Vikings, who eventually had to leave because it got Too Cold. Unfortunately, the alarmists want you to forget, or even prevent you from knowing about the cyclic nature of our climate — because then they can’t scare you.  During the past million or so years we’ve been in an Ice Age, where our earth has experienced numerous cycles of Glaciation cold periods and Interglacial warm periods.  During each cycle the oceans rose and fell nearly 400 feet as glaciers retreated and advanced. 

A recently completed ice core drilling project in Greenland, called NEEM, found that during the last Interglacial warm period, Greenland was nearly 8 degrees Celsius warmer than today.  During that time, there was much less ice and the oceans were 20-30 feet higher than today. So beware of childish, sky-is-falling AP climate news, and enjoy global warming while it lasts, because the alternative is quite chilling.

Villager John Shewchuk is a retired Certified Consulting Meteorologist.

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