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Villages golfing buddies still celebrating after scoring eagle and hole-in-one

Two Villages golfing buddies are still celebrating after accomplishing amazing feats on two executive golf courses.

Golfing partners Wes Brooks and Kevin Robertson celebrate scoring an eagle at Lowlands Executive Golf Course and a hole-in-one at Longleaf Executive Course.

On Sept. 29, Wes Brooks scored on eagle on the par 4 second hole of the Lowlands Executive Course. Not to be outdone by his playing partner, the following day Kevin Robertson tallied a hole-in-one on the sixth hole of the Longleaf Executive Course.

“Another beautiful day in The Villages,” the friends wrote after the accomplishments, while adding, “in this case, ‘More beautiful days in The Villages.’”

If you have enjoyed success on the golf course recently or have other applause-worthy news, share it with us at us.

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