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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Villages official ignores request to wear mask during government meeting

A top official with The Villages has been ignoring a request to wear a mask during government meetings.

Ken Stoff of Fruitland Park serves as the treasurer for The Villages Holding Co. and is the Developer’s handpicked representative on the Brownwood Community Development District Board of Supervisors. He serves as Brownwood’s representative on the Project Wide Advisory Committee, which oversees amenities in The Villages south of County Road 466.

Ken Stoff of The Villages, far right, attended Monday’s PWAC meeting without a mask.

Stoff arrived for Monday’s meeting of PWAC at Savannah Center, where masks are “requested” to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. He has never worn a mask during PWAC meetings and does not appear to carry a mask with him.

A sign at Savannah Center indicates face masks are requested to guard against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The eight other PWAC representatives, from Community Development Districts 5 through 12, all wore masks Monday and have all worn masks consistently over the past several months. They are all Villagers.

District Manager Richard Baier wore a mask during the meeting and has done so since the onset of the virus. Legal Counsel Kevin Stone wore a mask Monday morning as did nine other District staff employees. Six members of the public in the audience all wore masks.

The only one in Monday’s meeting without a mask was Stoff.

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