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Villages Trump Team 2020 Florida group backs president in massive golf cart parade

To say that President Trump’s enthusiasm is contagious among members of The Villages chapter of Trump Team 2020 Florida would be a huge understatement.

Golf carts driven by members of The Villages chapter of Trump Team 2020 Florida made several statements this past Saturday. At right, Suzanne Days and her husband, Larry, lead Trump Team 2020 Florida members in the parade that featured about 1,250 golf carts supporting the president.

Golf carts emblazoned with signs showing support for President Trump line the multi-modal path near the Lake Miona Recreation Center this past Saturday.

Last Friday, many of the members attended the president’s rally at The Villages Polo Fields. And the following day, they gathered at chapter President Suzanne Day’s house before joining in the Villagers for Trump parade that included about 1,250 patriotically decorated golf carts with horns blaring and shouts of “Four more years!” heard along the parade route throughout Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood.

“Our desire to get him re-elected made us all want this to be the biggest and best golf cart parade ever,” Days said.

But for Trump Team 2020 Florida members, the day was about much more than just the golf cart parade. Members gathered at Days’ Village of Collier home before the event for a celebration that featured the Pledge of Allegiance and patriotic songs.

Members of the DeSoto Divas perform patriotic songs on Saturday at the home of Suzanne Days, who serves as president of The Villages chapter of Trump Team 2020 Florida.

Days recalled attending Veterans Day and Memorial Day parades when she was younger, which were accompanied by marching bands playing patriotic songs to get the crowd “in the mood.” She said that kind of music has been missing from golf cart parades in The Villages, so she came up with the idea to have her chapter’s members gather at her house first.

“I added singers to lead us in the ‘National Anthem’ and other patriotic songs, including Lee Greenwood’s song ‘God Bless the USA,’” she said of the DeSoto Divas, who performed for the cheering crowd.

A member of Trump Team 2020 Florida displayed a favorite saying of President Trump before a patriotic golf cart parade this past Saturday.

Following the gathering, Trump Team 2020 Florida members hopped into their roughly 30 golf carts and headed up Buena Vista Boulevard with an escort from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. A short time later, they arrived at the massive parking lot at the Creekside Care Center in Lake Sumter Landing, which was packed with golf carts waiting for the parade to get under way.

“It was a joint effort by all the clubs to get all of the Trump supporters that we had to join in the fun,” Days said. “And it definitely the largest parade yet.”

Members of The Villages chapter of Trump Team 2020 Florida showed their support for law enforcement officers in this past Saturday’s parade that included about 1,250 golf carts.

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