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Villagers hold demonstration calling for every vote to count in Trump-Biden race

As the nation nervously waits for the winner of the White House contest to be determined, a group of Villagers demonstrated Wednesday calling for every vote to be counted.

The group gathered at about 1 p.m. in front of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annex on County Road 466 at Morse Boulevard holding signs that said, “Count Every Vote.” They said they were demonstrating because they were, “Saving Democracy,” the name they’ve given themselves.

Villagers Ken Polish, Anne Timoner and Marsha Shearer, from left, urged every vote to be counted during a demonstration Wednesday on County Road 466.

President Trump has already tried to claim victory in Tuesday’s historic contest, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden has called for calm.

The group plans to stage more “positive” events leading up to the inauguration in January.

Villagers held up signs calling for all votes to be counted Wednesday afternoon at County Road 466 near the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annex.

The Villagers were extremely complimentary of the local supervisor of elections offices and their swift and efficient tabulation of a record number of votes.

Anyone interested in joining the group can email [email protected].

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