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Hacienda Hills activist speaks out against AAC’s ‘Developer-centric loyalties’

A Villager who became an activist after the Hacienda Hills apartment fiasco has warned the Amenity Authority Committee about its “Developer-centric loyalties.”

Patsy Oburn, who lives near the now-demolished Hacienda Hills Country Club, spoke out Tuesday morning before the AAC during its meeting at Savannah Center.

Oburn was clearly bristling after recent treatment by the AAC of herself and fellow residents who had the temerity to question the committee’s 4-1 vote in August to allow the Developer to use and receive revenue from amenity privileges for hundreds of future apartment dwellers. Oburn noted that AAC member Don Deakin cast the lone vote in opposition to the Hacienda apartment deal and he was exempt from her criticism.

“Your Developer-centric loyalties do not serve the residents,” Oburn told the AAC. “You make comments to us as though we are children.”

She also suggested the AAC members had been “played” by the Developer who threatened to build a parking garage at the site if he wasn’t given amenity privileges for the apartments.

Oburn, who has also spoken out against the Developer’s plans for apartments at Lady Lake Planning & Zoning and Sumter County Commission meetings, also had a warning for the AAC members.   

“We the owners look forward to change at the AAC, just like we’ve seen change to the Sumter County Commission,” she said.

Donna Kempa, an active member of the Property Owners Association, was sworn in Wednesday as an AAC member, replacing longtime member John Wilcox. AAC members Carl Bell and Lowell Barker have indicated they will not run again when their terms are up.

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