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The damage continues!

To the Editor:

This is really unbelievable, predictable but still, unbelievable.  Trump has spent the last four years tearing down the democratic institutions of this country to try to set himself up as a demagogue and absolute ruler. Now that he’s lost his “bully pulpit” due to gross incompetence and voter outrage, he’s ruining his last chance to show America that he really cares for it and will do what is best for the country.  In the last days of World War II in Europe, Hitler, when finally realizing his defeat was imminent said that the “German people didn’t deserve him”. He was right about that, for sure. The result was thousands more dead while he allowed Germany to burn and Germans to die as he waited for a “Hail Mary Pass” to save him.
We now have a president doing the same thing. Trump’s refusal to concede his defeat is stopping the Biden transition team from gaining access to the funds and functions needed to help him be successful on many fronts, including his top priority, providing some long overdue leadership on COVID. More proof that Trump thinks that he should be the one to rule as long as he wants, and if he can’t, America doesn’t deserve him. He is waiting for his “Hail Mary Pass” and will continue to harm America, costing many more lives and delaying our social and economic recovery. But that means nothing to him because he’s right. America doesn’t deserve him.

Art Cavaliere
Village of St. Charles

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