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Villagers in Wisconsin nervous about travel granted time to fix deed compliance problem

A husband and wife in Wisconsin nervous about travel due to the Coronavirus have been granted 90 days to fix a deed compliance problem at their villa in The Villages.

The home at 726 Dumas St. in Villa Valdez was the subject of a deed compliance hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 1 Board of Supervisors.

This rock at 726 Dumas St. was put down without permission from the Architectural Review Committee.

Robert and Sandra Schuh, who have lived at 269 Ellenton Run in the Village of Hadley since 2009, purchased the Villa Valdez property in 2017 for $159,000. They put down rock at the villa without seeking permission from the Architectural Review Committee.

A complaint about the rock was received Sept. 13 by Community Standards. The violation was verified the following day and a notice of public hearing was mailed to the Schuhs on Oct. 20.

The couple has indicated they are in Wisconsin and Robert Schuh recently had surgery. They are deemed high-risk travelers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they indicated that 90 days should be sufficient to address the problem at the villa.

The board granted the couple 90 days to correct the problem. If they don’t they could face fines.

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