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GOP needs to tell Trump to ‘stand down’

Hugo Buchanan

Donald Juvenile Trump just won’t give up. Venomous ill will has crept into his pea-sized brain, and regardless of what formality calls for in welcoming Joe Biden as the winner of our election, he has no intentions of fulfilling that obligation. 

Who is to blame for the legacy of Trump? Why, the Republican Party, naturally.  It all started when Billy Bush drove his bus up to a fake news microphone, stopped near Hollywood, and proceeded to interview his only passenger, Donald Juvenile Trump. We all know this story, but the most damaging action of all, was the inaction of the Republican Party. At that moment, that party became The Party of Trump. And it has remained so for three years and 10 months. 

Trump can, and very well may become, the most dangerous man in America. The Proud Boys, and several hate groups are out there, mingling amongst our population, just waiting for the right words to exit the tonsils of our orange-haired playboy, to cause all kinds of havoc amongst our population.

Would not surprise me one bit for Trump to start holding rallies again, to spread his lies. 

Why does one-third of our population believe his lies?

This is exactly how Trump may very well become, in the near future, the most dangerous man in the U.S.A. The Republican Party needs to get off their lazy butts and get control of this idiot. It is time for them to tell Trump to: “Stand down!”

Allow me now to venture over to the Halls of Congress, to the office of that worthless Republican might of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. 

I can very well remember the days and years of President Obama.  Every bill that was laid on the desk of the mighty Mitch, never even got a review.  Anything and all things that had the resemblance of originating in the Oval Office, was rejected by Mitch the Ditch. Just because it had to do with Obama. And this nut is gonna be there to reject anything from President Elect Joe Biden. 

However, Joe Biden has the knack for quietly and cautiously invading the objective thoughts of an opponent, to convey his thoughts or suggestions.  He will need  that trait throughout his tenure as president.  Best of Luck to you, Joe.

As for this Coronavirus, whatever the task, please wear your mask!

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.

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