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Will the real patriots stand up?

To the Editor:

Yesterday I witnessed an event that showed me how little respect some people in The Villages have for patriotism.
As I crossed the intersection of Morse Boulevard and Route 466, on each corner were groups of people waving Trump flags and signs with comments that betray the very essence of a true patriot. The election is over. Joe Biden won by more popular votes then any other President in history and the majority of electoral votes.  Yet, these people question the validity of the election? They question the people involved in running the election? They refuse to accept the results of the election? They actually prefer to believe the election was rigged.  There wasn’t one patriot in all those groups of people. Not one person who respects the Constitution or the people elected to serve who validated the results.
It was embarrassing watching these people. This is a free country, we have the right to express our opinions, but where do we draw the line? When do we act as patriotic Americans and accept the election results even though we may not agree with it? Just because someone is unhappy with the results does not mean the results are incorrect.  True patriots accept the will of the majority, respect the election process and do all they can to stop divisiveness. That’s what America is all about.

Glorianne Lowe
Village of De La Vista West

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