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Resident takes aim at Villagers for Trump as founder touts support for president

Villagers For Trump Founder David Gee

The founder of the fast-growing Villagers for Trump Club remains an ardent supporter of the president but one resident thinks The Villages should disassociate itself with the group.

Despite the melee that took place at the Capitol Building on Wednesday as Congress was attempting to count Electoral College votes, Villager David Gee said he still “stands with” the president. He added that he also supports other conservative politicians as well who, like Trump, “lead with a standard of truth from the Word of God.”

But Village of Amelia resident John Casey Marr sees things differently and said he’d like to see The Villages revoke the status of Villagers for Trump as an officially recognized club. Like many, Marr believes that Trump played a part in inciting the riot that saw protesters break into the Capitol Building and left five people dead, including a Capitol police officer.

“By not doing so, The Villages is continuing to promote and condone an organization now tied to sedition against our country,” Marr said. “This is not a freedom of speech issue.”

Gee, who is a member of Freedom Fellowship Church of The Villages, said his church is “openly and without apologies” supporting the idea that its members should be involved in selecting those who rule over us and denouncing actions among elected officials that are not Biblical. He said that because Trump, who held a rally in The Villages in October, has endorsed and engaged policies that support the Word of God and the Constitution, he is often referenced in his pronouncements.

Villages for Trump Founder David Gee says he remains a supporter of President Trump, who he said leads with a ‘standard of truth from the Word of God.’ Villager John Casey Marr wants The Villages to disassociate itself with the organization and refuse to let the club meet in recreation centers.

Gee added that some in his congregation have criticized Trump’s behavior, which has caused him to revisit his position about mixing politics and religion. He said he’s also sought opinions from some of the 4,000 members of Villagers for Trump.

“I am pleased to report a vast majority support the action of my church,” he said.

Gee said he’s also happy to report that many Villagers for Trump members listen to weekly Bible Prophecy-Geo Political reports hosted by the church’s pastor, Melvin Whittington, “to connect the dots in the time the Bible says we are in on God’s calendar.”

Gee added that Proverbs 29:2 gives him the peace to do what he is doing, in that we are encouraged not to groan with “unrighteous Leaders” but rejoice when the Godly serve.

“To me, that is action, not passive behavior,” he said. “Therefore, I have concluded that as long as I have a platform within our community – church or political – I will not waiver and will stand with our elected officials like President Trump, Gov. DeSantis, Congressman Webster, State Sen. Dennis Baxley and State Rep. Brett Hage and many local county officials who, likewise, lead with a standard of truth from the Word of God.”

For his part, Marr said Villagers for Trump could continue to exist as a private organization but should no longer be allowed to meet in Villages recreation centers that are funded by residents, regardless of their political beliefs. He said he doesn’t have a problem with other Republican and Democratic clubs meeting in the rec centers, just Villagers for Trump.

“This is the only club dedicated to a cult of personality to someone who incited seditious activity,” he said.

Marr said it’s just a “matter of time” before the national media gets wind of the continuing activities of Villagers for Trump, like the upcoming showing of the movie “Trump Card” at the Laurel Manor Recreation Center on Tuesday, Jan. 12 and the “America First Rally” on Inauguration Day – Wednesday, Jan. 20.

“ I urge The Villages to consider the irreversible damage to their reputation given the maintenance of the status quo,” he said.

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