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President Trump and the Big Lie

To the Editor:

Last week we all saw President Trump and others incite a mob that led to the attack on the Capitol.
For almost a year Trump has said that if he loses the election its because its rigged and fraudulent. Trump lost and now we have to determine if he was telling the truth. For this to be true, then Trump would have to be right about one thing. To be successful the conspiracy would have to be of a massive complex scale. It would involve Republican election officials in the crucial swing states, along with Republican governors in those states. It would involve corrupt poll watchers, corrupt election equipment and corruption at the highest levels of local, state and federal government. It would also involve corrupt Republican state and federal judges, who threw out the 60 lawsuits contesting the election. Or perhaps it was from outside foreign adversaries.  We would then have to accept that our intelligence community is either corrupt or grossly incompetent. If any of this was true, then Trump and the mob were right to storm the Capital because our democracy is finished. Or was this all One Big Lie. If he loses, its rigged. Very simple but extremely dangerous.
If Trump lied about the election, it’s referred to as the Big Lie. Lying about a national election involving over 150 million voters is one massive lie. This also strongly indicates he has lied before and often. People do not start out with the Big Lie, they are conditioned to lie without remorse. So, if Trump lied about the election then he, his enablers, and the Republican Party must own the lie. It’s really one or the other. Setting aside all you will hear and be told, which explanation is true? I listened to the rioters rage last Wednesday.
They believed and accepted the fact what Trump told them and acted. The next day he condemned their actions. Why would he condemn their actions if the election was truly stolen?  He should have declared martial law because our democracy was attacked. The Joint Chiefs of Staff would bring in the military to defend the country. His obligation is to protect us and the Constitution. Do you think Trump would back down from a fight, particularly when he is right and there is overwhelming evidence to support his claim? Yet, nothing.
He is now preparing for a “smooth transition” of power. The election was stolen so why would he allow massive corruption to take over the White House? Or was it all one Big Lie. If you now believe Trump lied about the stolen election, then you have to look back and determine what happened. Besides Trump, who helped perpetuate this Big Lie? Our Democracy will not survive on lies.

Keith Hohimer
Village of Osceola Hills

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