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Raise your voice with your vote

To the Editor:

Our great country was shaken by the events in Washington D.C. last week. The decline into violence was not helpful in any way and certainly damaged our country’s image on the world stage.
The League of Women Voters understands that citizens need to have faith and confidence in the electoral process. We will continue in our 100-year-old mission to empower voters through education. Unfortunately, it seems some people have been misled by false claims of a stolen election despite there being no credible evidence to support such claims as evidenced by the all the judiciary rulings. The League will continue to provide education about the many safeguards in place to ensure that all eligible voters’ voices are heard at the polls. Our League also offers education on how to separate fact from fiction in the news. Our democracy depends upon an educated and informed electorate ready to raise our voices with our votes. For those not happy with the election outcome, look ahead to the next opportunity to make change happen at the polls.

Gail Formanack
Village of Hemingway
Co-president League of Women Voters

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