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The Villages

I hope the Developer will step up and do the right thing

To the Editor:

I am concerned about not having big business pay for the new proposed tax. Why is it that when taxes are required it always comes down to the least wealthy being asked to pay?
This whole situation could have been solved if the Developer had done the right thing and paid for his roads. When he had the commissioners raise our taxes by 25 percent it has put some retirees in trouble making ends meet.
I think that if the Developer has a net worth of $1.5 billion and the 163rd riches family in the country he could afford to do this. The richer you are the more you want. This is only the first thing the Developer will pass on to the residents.
Our new commissioners are trying to do the right thing by keeping us from being taxed out of The Villages.
I hope the Developer will step up and do the right thing.

Mary Jo Clark
Village of Polo Ridge

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