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Who benefited by awarding Global Medical Response the contract?

To the Editor:

When DeSantis first brought vaccines to The Villages, he both angered and gave us hope. Some who supported his party with donations and votes, demanded quid quo pro. Most who understand that medical triage is not dictated by social status or economics, trusted the explanation that the limited 2,500 doses would be given to UF Health staff and other medical professionals who would administer future doses to Sumter residents in “mass vaccination” events.
For many, there was no explanation as to why the President of the Republican Club, his wife, and several other friends of the Developer, Republicans and DeSantis were vaccinated – no explanation was needed.
As county after county opened vaccination sites, Villagers wondered why the county with the highest concentration of the governor’s targeted senior population, received none. Anger and desperation have grown. COVID-19 is spreading. We, too, are burying neighbors.
Some of us have driven to other counties. Some were lucky enough to sign up with Publix in Marion.
Finally, DeSantis returned with great fanfare and television coverage. A tent city was set up behind Red Lobster. It wasn’t what we expected. We expected The Villages would have “mass vaccinations” administered by UF Health-The Villages Health. We expected that UF Health would procure the first 2,500 doses, and maybe the lucky friends of DeSantis would have also been trained, would set up on the Polo Fields and vaccinate us.
So how the hell did a contract go to Global Medical Response?
We offered many unselfish ways to vaccinate our neighbors: the oldest first, by Village by drawing the order. Ways that wouldn’t give advantage to tech-wise Villagers and freeze out those without tech. An order that would eliminate the anguish of not knowing.
So, again I ask, what the hell?
Why isn’t the vaccine being administered in The Villages by UF Health – the Village Health.
Who benefited by awarding Global Medical Response the contract?Not The Villagers.

LaVonne Joyce
Village of Bonnybrook

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