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The Villages
Thursday, February 2, 2023

Don’t blame Global Medical Response for lack of vaccine

To the Editor:

Saw the article about Global Medical Response, the group hired by the State of Florida to administer, not acquire, vaccines for Florida.  The State of Florida is who vaccines are distributed to and has the sole authority to distribute to those who administer the vaccines. There is nothing for GMR to answer for or to.
The state had allotted some vaccines for GMR to administer in Sumter County.  We were all under the impression that it was more than 7,500.  When GMR ran out – all they could do was pick up the tents to wait for the state to tell them when they would allot more.
Why are we barking up the wrong tree here? We should be questioning the state of Florida and/or Sumter County as to why we are getting so few vaccines.
They continue to get additional doses in all the surrounding counties. Let’s ask the state or whoever is responsible for the allocation of these doses what criteria they use for distribution. That is the real question and where we should be focusing. Not on GMR. They simply coordinate appointments and administer shots. I had no issues getting the simple facts from GMR.

Karen Garves
Village of Summerhill

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