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Daily Sun and Developer on attack with one-sided reporting

To the Editor:

Once again the Daily Sun and the Developer on are the attack with one-sided reporting, half truths and just plain misinformation. They are making every effort to characterize our new commissioners as unqualified, misinformed morons who are looking to destroy the county. By default, they are also calling all of us who voted overwhelmingly to elect  these men – morons as well.  They obviously believe that we are indeed that stupid if we are to buy into all of the Bullcrap printed in the Daily Sun.
First of all the impact fee is one time.  Even if it is raised to 100 percent, it would only be about $3,000 per home. Those of us who had our taxes raised by $350/yr will pay $3,500 over the next 10 years, but it never stops, it goes on forever.
Second, where is the balanced reporting from the Daily Sun? How about reaching out to at least as many citizens who support the impact fee increase and our new commissioners as you do for the Developer lackeys and business partners.
Third, speaking of these businesses like FMK Restaurant group.  Where is their empathy for those of us paying $3,500 over the next 10 years? Nope, just keep the gravy train running for us, seven restaurants are not enough, residents be damned, just don’t make us pay our fair share.
Fourth, as long as new homes are being built, new businesses will open. Anyone who says otherwise is the one who is unqualified and misinformed.
Maybe it’s time we start putting aside our $350/yr and not spend it at FMK restaurants and the other businesses that gladly trash our new commissioners.
Thank you Commissioners, Estep, Miller, and Search for insisting that new roads and infrastructure be paid for by those most benefitting from them and thank you for doing the job that we morons elected you to do.

Luke Courtemanche
Haciendas of Mission Hills

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