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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Loyal residents who bought into the lifestyle asked to pay for new growth

To the Editor:

I’m from Connecticut where my taxes went up from $2,400 a year to $8,000 a year. And when I started looking at moving to The Villages in 2007 the low taxes were a draw.
A salesman for The Villages for many years called me in Connecticut until 2011. Stating the same scripted line that all of us heard! Once the Brownwood area was completed to State Road 44, that would be it! The Villages would be complete! The home prices would go up, up, up! I better hurry up and buy! I said no one kills the goose that lays the golden egg!
He said that the Schwartz grandchildren were not interested in The Villages development and they want to move on to other interests.
Then bam, they were building Fruitland Park, then Fenney and on and on!
Shutting down Katie Belle’s? That was Schwartz’s legacy! Building apartments in Brownwood, tearing down Hacienda Hills County Club and building apartments there, etc.
They have stopped caring about the people who bought into the dream and the promise of a certain lifestyle. They don’t treat us as a democracy but as dictators! Who just steam roll us seniors!
And now that their expansion dreams require expensive bridges and more roads and infrastructure they expect all of us to help them pay for it!
Well, if you can’t afford it, by selling your new homes, maybe you need to stop building here! And support the people who supported you by improving on what is here. And maybe treating us with respect and consideration.
I feel so sorry for the people in Spanish Springs when the apartments go in and about 500 more people a day could be using two-lane Morse Boulevard. How does this benefit the current seniors? Their safety will be compromised, and it’s the main road to the hospital. Shame on the Developer. He can afford to buy and build anywhere, stop hurting the seniors that have supported your family and the growth of our home The Villages!

Carolyn Tessada
Village of Hadley

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