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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Lady Lake commissioners in a bind when it comes to apartments at the square

Robert Nyce
Robert Nyce

All Villages residents, or at least most, enjoy the entertainment and restaurants around the square at Spanish Springs, Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood Paddock Square.

Many of us remember “the good old times,” we had there. But what most do not realize is that the squares and most of the surrounding lots and properties remain private property. Ever wonder why the police at Spanish Springs do not arrest speeders or stop sign violators? Simple that is not why they are there. They are there at the invitation of The Villages and the Merchants Association.

So, when we realize it is private property and the owners can do with it as they wish, then you will understand the bind that the Lady Lake commissioners face. There have been several prior agreements between Lady Lake and The Villages. Those agreements were reached by agreement. So, we cannot expect the commissioners to violate the law by prohibiting lawful development. But, we can ask that they work with The Villages in order to limit building upward or putting apartments in the commercial areas in the shopping plaza.

If you recognize the Developer’s right to build or maintain any lawful business then you cannot expect miracles regarding emotional pleas to keep the squares as they were. This is a business! They have been unable to keep retail establishments open for whatever reason, including Katie Belle’s.

Let’s all hope that the commissioners can once again convince The Villages to maintain the tradition we have all enjoyed for so long. But in the end, there is little that Lady Lake Commissioners can do within the law. So, stop the criticism and support their efforts to put common sense zoning in place. My two cents.

Robert Nyce is a resident of the Village of El Cortez.

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