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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Billie Thatcher to join Ralph DiNome’s Flashback band  

Billie Thatcher

Ralph DiNome of the popular Flashback band, isn’t losing a daughter, he’s gaining Billie Thatcher.

Dawn DiNome, Ralph’s daughter, has been the featured singer with the oldies band for much of the past decade. She has long been a Villages’ favorite in stage productions and with Flashback.

But now, Dawn is leaving the group to perform on her own and sometimes with Clark Barrios, and also occasionally with  her father.
That means another Villages’ standout vocalist – Billie Thatcher – will become the female voice in the Flashback show.
“Dawn has moved on, and we wish her the best of luck,” Papa DiNome said. “Billie sang with the band in the past, so I called her, and she was ready and willing.”

That means a bit of a name change for the band: Flashback 2.0. It will resume the group’s popular local, monthly dances starting in September.

Another Villages’ entertainment staple is expected to return in September with the Showcase of Talent, organized by Joe and Diana Arlt.
“We want all talented Villagers to perform at our shows,” Joe Arlt said. “Our audience loves to see new faces.”

That means singers, dancers, comedians and other performers can audition to be on the monthly talent showcase. Generally, the shows are sellouts at the La Hacienda Recreation Center. Over 1,600 people are on the talent showcase mailing list.
Those wishing to audition should send an email to: [email protected]

TV Nostalgia Club

Another group marking a fall return is the TV Nostalgia Club, which will meet Sept. 21.
“It’s going to be great that we will be able to enjoy our favorite shows together again, and eat our Twinkies” says Stu Sachs, leader of the club.
Sachs is the guy who supplies the Twinkies and other goodies as old TV fans can enjoy such classics as “I Love Lucy,” “The Honeymooners” and “The Adventures of Superman.”

Those interested can contact Sachs at [email protected]

Seventh Annual Orchid Gala 

Marie Bogdonoff
Marie Bogdonoff

Marie Bogdonoff is president of the Villagers For Veterans and one of the group’s annual highlights is the annual Orchid Gala.

The Seventh Annual Orchid Gala will be held Aug. 7, at 5 p.m. in the Brownwood Hotel and Spa, 3003 Brownwood Ave in The Villages.

The theme this year is “A Night in Havana.” Music will be performed by Latin Fusion. There will also be a special appearance by Hula Hands in Aloha.

Tickets are $75, and include dinner. There will also be a cash bar and silent auction. For information email: Marie.Bogdon[email protected]
Or go to:

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