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Updated form shows Rep. Hage drawing $350,000 paycheck from The Villages

Rep. Brett Hage

A updated disclosure form shows state Rep. Brett Hage is drawing a $350,000 paycheck from The Villages.

The Republican legislator on June 4 filed the updated Form 6 disclosure which shows he earned $350,000 from The Villages of Lake Sumter Inc. He also earned $29,697 for serving as a legislator in the Florida House of Representatives.

A form filed last year showed that during 2019, Hage earned $141,003 from the Holding Company of The Villages. He also earned $113,554 from T&D Distribution Inc., $14,410 from T&D Concrete Inc. and $11,000 from T&D Supplies Inc. Hage earned $29,697 for serving as a state representative.

The new form indicates that Hage is no longer working for T&D and working exclusively for The Villages. Hage was working for T&D when he originally launched his bid for the statehouse, following the death of Villager Don Hahnfeldt.

He estimated that as of June 4, his net worth was $1.5 million.

Hage’s Form 6 disclosure was once again notarized by Doris Pardo, a longtime employee of The Villages executive office. She has been the administrative assistant to Mark Morse for many years.

Hage had a successful year in the legislature, championing a bill that would hold down impact fees. The legislation was sparked by Sumter County commissioners pushing for a steep increase that would have been paid by The Villages. The bill passed both chambers of the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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