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Monday, March 20, 2023

Wildwood commissioners approve new RV resort near Oxford Oaks subdivision

Wildwood commissioners Monday night approved a comprehensive plan amendment and commercial zoning for the Oxford RV Resort, where 264 camp sites are planned on 26 acres.

The property is on the northern border of the Oxford Oaks subdivision along U.S. 301 near County Road 466 and several Oxford Oaks residents spoke against the project at a meeting early this month of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board.

Part of the property already is zoned commercial, which permits the resort development. Tuesday’s action involved the remaining 10 acres of the property.

At the zoning board meeting, Steven Jennings, one of the owners said the resort will not be a short-stay KOA-type campground. He said RV owners would stay up to six months and that it would be a destination-type park.

Two residents had questions at Monday’s meeting, but the only resident to speak said she favored the project.

“I arrived in an RV to Wildwood 10 years ago,” Jaqueline Morrison told commissioners.

Morrison said she and her husband were full-time RVers before settling here. Her husband was a retired U.S. Marine and the couple spent time in military parks and KOA campgrounds.

“Ninety percent of the parks we stayed in were Class A,” she said.

Mayor Ed Wolf said he expects the resort will be a quality project, adding that many of those staying there probably will be retirees like the Morrisons.

“If he doesn’t build something top shelf, he’s wasting his money,” Wolf said. “I think you’re going to get a class development there.”

Wolf said Oxford Oaks residents will have an opportunity to discuss buffers and other issues later where a site plan is considered for the resort.

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