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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Feeling selfish when it comes to Gov. DeSantis

To the Editor:

What do we do?
It’s 5 a.m., answers to that question kept me up most of the night, that’s what happens when one is compelled so I am now on the computer attempting to answer the most asked question I see on social media.
We do many things foremost is to get information out to everyone we know to assure they are aware of what is going on in America, second, ask them to do the same with all the people they know, awareness is our major weapon. We have one flawed political party willing to be our voice, it’s all we have so let’s get it ready for battle. We must build this party up to be the one voice of American Patriots, from local, state, and federal levels we must assure we are electing Patriots to the Republican party (which should be the Patriot Party) willing to stand up for America. This is the party that freed slaves so why are we not seeing more people of color running for office? We need a party that not only stands up for America but one that looks like America. We have elections coming up, it is critical we have such huge numbers voting that any fraud will be clearly visible.
I see many comments and polls on the desire for my governor of Florida to be in the White House in some capacity. OK, this is where I become selfish. I feel safe and secure in Florida, I know our governor will stand and fight for us, he is a patriot and I want him here for another four years, sorry America, be patient. This is what we do, we take back the House and Senate to assure patriots are in control of Congress. Then we use that common trick of the Democrats, we impeach the President and Vice President for direct violations of oath and constitutional law, the evidence is clear.
Now comes the presidential elections, we elect the one guy we trust, the one who did great things for America, the one we know will stand up and fight for America, yes President Trump along with Vice President Tim Scott Patriot Senator from South Carolina. Pompeo back as Secretary of State, General Flynn in charge of our intelligence community, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as Attorney General, former Detroit police chief James Craig as FBI Director, we now have a federal government of Patriots and can start the process of healing the damage done to America. By the way, can you name me one person in the federal government today who loves America? Just one who hasn’t talked bad about America, just one? OK, so we get four years to make America Great Again and we do. Now you can have my Gov. DeSantis from Florida run for president because America can use his leadership for another eight years. That will give us 12 years to enact legislation and policies, to drain the swamp, to expel the left’s control of our institutions from education to military, and make America secure again. As for those Woke corporations, it will be time for them to wake up or they will go broke, the same goes for our sports complex. After that, it will be very difficult for the left to attempt another takeover of America.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida


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