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Friday, December 3, 2021

Water sales by Lady Lake to Sumter County residents

To the Editor:

When was the last time you read about Sumter County providing anything to the Town of Lady Lake? Oh yes, they did approve two huge apartment complexes, one on 441 North and one on 466 west of Lake County – which currently receives water from Lady Lake.
Water and sewer are the two most expensive utilities a community must provide.
Why would Lady Lake give any of their reserves to Sumter County residents when Sumter County is making no effort to provide water and sewer on its western border? So, Sumter County keeps approving apartments near Lady Lake and the Lake County border with the expectation that Lady Lake residents should bear the burden – nonsense!
Sumter County is rich with growth. Take some of those dollars and begin to provide water and sewer on the western side of the county and stop approving apartments where the residents of Lake County end up with all of the negatives and none of the positives from such growth.
Do not provide water from Lady Lake to developers in Sumter County!
Sooner or later Lady Lake will have to increase its water and sewer resources. They are not money makers but money drains and very expensive to produce. My two cents.

Robert Nyce
Village of El Cortez


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