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Friday, December 3, 2021

Make sure your vote counts!

To the Editor:

 What are the critical new issues affecting your VOTE in Florida?
The League of Women Voters has two new Power Point presentations for all potential voters.
Focus on Redistricting:
Every ten years following a Census, Redistricting is done to ensure the House of Representatives and State Legislature truly represent the population.
The presentation includes how it is done, what can go wrong & how we can make it fair.
Senate Bill 90 (SB90):
This Bill was passed by the Florida State Legislature in April and signed into law by Govenor DeSantis in May 2021.
 Learn how it affects Voter Registration, Vote By Mail, Election Administration and Election Protection.
Contact: [email protected]. to reserve a speaker for your group & make sure your vote counts.

Jeannie Hamilton
Village of Hemingway

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