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Friday, December 3, 2021

How can you run out of draft beer at a country club?

To the Editor:

My golf group has played Cane Garden twice in the last month and after our round we went to get a pitcher of beer. We we’re told, not once but on two different occasions that they were out of draft beer! How does that happen that all their draft beer is out. What kind of manager lets that happen? I feel they just wanted us to buy bottled beer because they were over stocked and needed to get rid of it. Are they that poorly managed that they don’t realize their beer supply is running low? My wife worked for a Bud distributor in Michigan and if you called and said you were out they would send a sales rep out with another barrel to hold you until the truck could get to you. My whole golf group refused to buy bottled beer and just left. Maybe they’ll wake up and get a better manager!

Marvin Witt
Village of Lynnhaven


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