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Ride share company Hitch makes travel within Florida easier

Traveling in and out of The Villages just got a whole lot easier. Ride share company Hitch has expanded into over a dozen Florida cities, including right here in The Villages.

Cabs, Uber and Lyft may be convenient for short distances near the Villages, but they prove to be difficult or too expensive when trying to visit friends and family who can live farther away. On average, Hitch rides are ten times less expensive than long distance Uber/Lyft rides.

Daily rides go between the Villages and Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Gainesville, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

 A list of these routes can be found here.

The best part is you have many options on how you want to travel with Hitch. You can share it with other community members for as low as $20 per seat, and even have the option of linking it with your Facebook account to see if you have friends headed that way as well. Or, you can opt for their Premiere service for private, door-to-door trips, starting around $75.

Book the same day or for those who are super planners, book up to 60 days in advance. Riders can also use the dynamic drop-off option to stop on the way to their destination.

Safety is the top priority at Hitch and what sets them apart from any other service available. Hitch requires thorough background checks for their drivers. Furthermore, every driver has to be at least 21 years of age and of course has a valid license, registration and insurance. They also only use four-door sedans or larger and no older than 15 years.

Gone are the days hesitating to ask family and friends to drive long distances to pick you up or using expensive planes or slow buses. You can also feel comfortable asking guests to come to the Villages when you know how safe, affordable and comfortable it is to use Hitch.

Another unique part? Hitch also offers reliable, long-distance, same-day delivery service. That’s right. If you forgot an important item such as a medication or computer on your visit, drivers can pick it up and bring it to you. You can also make meaningful and unusual gift delivery a reality, too. (Delivering homemade food between a mother and her son is how the company was formed!) Saying it’s affordable is an understatement, too, with the average same-day delivery being 10 times less expensive than FedEx or UPS services.

Hitch is offering Village residents their first ride free, up to $50, through January 7, 2022. Just use the special code VNEWS1

Feel free to check us out further by going to ridehitch.com to learn more or download the Hitch app here for IOS phones or here for Android.

Hitch makes travel within Florida easier
Ride share company Hitch makes travel within Florida easier.

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