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Friday, December 3, 2021

Biden is giving away our country and it starts at the border

To the Editor:

The solution is simple. Send our troops into Mexico. After all, that country is giving free passage to overwhelm our borders. Why is Mexico allowing this? Mexico is showing complete disrespect of our sovereignty. Of course, Joe Biden is not showing that he cares about our border, only caring about future Democrats. And all our children will be paying for housing and feeding those migrants and all their offspring.
There are those who will claim that those immigrants have a right to come here but we have, had, a system in place for an orderly immigration.
The best way to illustrate what Biden is doing to this country is this. Would you leave your front door, not only unlocked, but open the entire day, day and night; day after day; and night after night? Does that seem reasonable to you? Yet, that is precisely what Biden has done to our house; our country. There is no defense for that most pathetic of actions.
Our countrymen before us gave us a house worth having and Biden is giving it away.

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD
Spruce Creek South


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