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Remembering when the 20’s roared

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

I do believe that most of us are aware that the 1920’s roared – or at least everyone said that they did. This was just a mere 100 years ago, and we now are ready to enter into a third year of our 20’s. If things keep up as they seem to be headed the present decade may become known as the Moaning 20’s – or perhaps the Groaning 20’s.  There certainly is some merit in the use of either. You only need to look at the what has evolved during the first two years of our 20’s. It is hard to think of anything spectacular let alone roaring.  The country is divided politically and concerns over a virus take precedence over just about anything else – except perhaps politics.

The 1920’s featured economic prosperity and carefree living for many, but obviously not all.  It was a period when many Americans owned cars for the first time. In the 2020’s many have cars but find it difficult to buy a new one as there are not enough chips to go around. Chips meant something different back then, and we can’t forget that in those years our cars and all their parts were made in the U.S. Thus, we didn’t have to worry about huge ships stuck waiting to get into a harbor along the West Coast – or for a foreign country to make our auto parts.

The early cars meant that the country needed better roads. We undoubtedly do have better roads – when they are not being reconstructed and the traffic will let you on them. But I guess that you can’t have everything.

In the 1920’s we had the League of Nations. Today we have the United Nations. Both started with hope and fanfare. Both used (use) a good deal of politicians’ time and our money. The latter still does – mostly ours History will show their value!  I will leave it to history. On the good side the 1920’s saw a gentleman by the name of Garret Morgan come up with a great invention that we still use today. I refer to nothing but the Electric Automatic Traffic Signal!  Everyone I know just loves it when the red light shows up just before you get there.  Then they get to wait while it cycles through before you get to move again. You do eventually get to drive on our better roads.

Heck, television got started in the 1920’s as did the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are much better today, and they are part of our clean environment. I am not certain that can be said about television, especially the news divisions. The 1920’s had the first movie talkies.  They have been talking ever since, although today’s movies have moved into the stage of less talking and more noise with special effects taking the forefront. You may recall that Charles Lindberg was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1927.  He was wise to do it then.  If he tried it today, his flight would probably be cancelled as he might have a covid positive test. Babe Ruth started his career with the Yankees in 1920.  I am not certain who started theirs in 2020, but whoever did, he will never be the “Babe”.

Finally, we must recall how the Roaring 20’s ended in 1929.  It was definitely not with a roar.  Perhaps, the Moaning 20’s will do better this time.  We can hope! A new year is coming up.  Let’s make it better than the last two!!

I wonder what they will call the 3020’s?

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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