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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Biden blames Trump

To the Editor:

As I watched Vice President Harris and President Biden give their speeches to a wide television audience Thursday morning I nearly wretched. The absolute poison that emanated from their respective mouths was evidence of their attempt to divert from their multiple missteps and and incompetence that have driven their poll numbers into the toilet.
They attempted to tie the Jan. 6 episode to the loss of our democracy and blamed it all on President Trump and his supporters.
In the most crude presentation I have ever witnessed from a standing President, Biden used his bully pulpit and attacked President Trump in the most vicious way possible. Of course, President Trump was not there to defend himself.
President Biden has used all of the Federal government resources possible, including the Justice Department to the FBI to build a case against President Trump. They have interviewed hundreds of witnesses and tried to leverage those under indictment to tie President Trump to a charge of a planned incitement to Riot and insurrection but have failed miserably because he didn’t do either. As a matter of fact, he is on video asking the crowd not to do either.
They used this day and this issue to sell their attempt to federalize the vote for President by taking it from the states. In the bill proposed there will be no attempt to verify signatures or require a voter ID. This is the most insidious and evil attempt to centralize an already bloated federal government in the history of our country. This is a cynical attempt at a power grab of monumental proportions by President Biden and the democrat party.
President Biden and VP Harris’s theme was the loss of our democracy and they are correct but instead of blaming President Trump and the republicans, they should look inward to their attempts to consolidate all power to the Federal Government. This attempt was the very reason that we fought the British back at the inception of our union, as our founders understood the evils of an all powerful central government and built our system as Federalism of states.
We must fight this attempt with all of our passion and replace Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in November with freedom loving Republicans.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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