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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A Welshman’s warning about Neprechauns  

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

I thought I would start out today with a question.  That is, do you know what it is that flashes blue in the afternoon beginning around 3:30, stays that way until nightfall and then in the morning is back to its correct solid blue?  A broad hint is that it is related to moving and involves the great technology gods under which we live today.  Oh, yeah when it flashes blue nothing works.  Solid blue is good, if you can restrict doing what you want to the time before 3:30 pm.  I imagine that you high tech folks recognize that I am referring to the router which was established by the provider of our wi-fi.

I will say one thing for the provider, they have some really nice techs who come to your house.  The problem was that after the unrest started, they came between 11 a.m.-12 p.m. when everything was hunky dory (old expression) and could not solve the problem.  Finally, a scheduler got the bright idea of sending someone during the time nothing was working.  The gentleman they sent was excellent and even worked out a problem caused by the original scheduler who had ignored the fact that we had two TV’s.  His solution after everything was reviewed was to put in a new router. However, the rather spooky mystery remains as to why the original router would go rogue every afternoon and work the rest of the time.  Nobody can explain this mystery of the cosmos.

I told The Blonde in the House, who has an Irish background, that it must have been one of those pesky leprechauns fooling around. I think that she brings them with her every time we move – and we have moved a lot – as something always goes wrong when we move.  Usually not really serious, but definitely pesky.  I have a Welsh background.  The Welsh have a much nicer group of haunts known as Neprechauns and they attempt to make moving easier. Neprechauns are the originals, but over time a few became pesky and escaped with St. Patrick to Ireland.  The Irish as everyone knows are full of blarney so they developed a better marketing scheme than the Welsh who are more practical folks.

The Irish even promoted the myth that the Leprechauns would put pots of gold at a rainbow’s end.  That never happened, but the Neprechauns did put a pot at the rainbow’s end. However, since they are Welsh and very poor the pot contained coal rather than  gold.  Inasmuch as coal was involved, the English who gave both the Irish and Welsh a hard time did not bother with attempting to pick up a pot of coal – they were pretty small pots, I might add. However, they were bigger than the pots the Leprechauns attempted to use when they moved to Ireland from Wales way back when.  Those pots would have been lucky to In any case that issue is settled and now The Blonde is faced with the fact that while our new abode has more floor space that what we had, it has less storage area.  She has been muttering that Neprechauns are to blame and confused us when we originally looked at our new home. That naturally is not the case!

Ask any Welshman you know and he will tell you that Neprechauns are lovely sprites and are only helpful – unless you happen to be English.  Yikes, while The Blond is Irish on one side, she is English on the other!


Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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