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Friday, May 27, 2022

The death of local government

To the Editor:

Of all the disturbing news coming out of Sumter County politics this past year, the most alarming and profound was the bill rammed through the Legislature rolling back impact fees. While this bill obviously was targeted at Sumter County, it nonetheless applies throughout the state, effectively hamstringing local government’s ability to determine how they will finance new construction.
As the voracious monster that is our federal government continues to usurp power rightly belonging to the individual states, so now Tallahassee and The Family continue to consolidate their power over not just Sumter County but all of Florida with this naked power grab. No longer do they feel the need to be discreet – the arrogance of power is on full display almost daily.
Their news outlet, Pravda, continues the assault on the two county commissioners in what smells like a frame job, and a rather amateurish one at that. The will of the people got bulldozed and steam-rolled by deep-pocketed special interests once again. Certainly not government by, for, or of the people. One is reminded of the big effort made to reverse the amendment process which arose because of the failure of the Legislature to address the state’s many problems. The will of the people is clearly despised in the power centers of government, apparently now at all levels.
Perhaps the only hope is that the national media gets a whiff of scandal sufficient to let loose the hounds on what is going on here in Central Florida. The gubernator’s recent ascent in national politics makes this more likely as 2024 approaches.

Steven Rieker
Village of Fenney


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