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Sex offender moves to different hotel after ordered out of father’s home in The Villages

Siegfried Hepp Jr.
Siegfried Hepp Jr.

A convicted sex offender ordered last month out of his father’s home in The Villages has moved to a different hotel in Wildwood.

Siegfried Hepp Jr., 60, moved last month into 1214 Maria Court in the Village of Del Mar, the home of his 84-year-old father. The younger Hepp was convicted in 2000 in Connecticut of sexually assaulting a Boy Scout in the mid-1970s. After Hepp’s arrival, Lady Lake police officers knocked on the door and notified him he was in violation of an ordinance approved in 2019 by the Lady Lake Commission due to the home’s proximity to the Rio Grande Family Pool.

After the visit from police, Hepp moved to the Microtel Inn & Suites in Lady Lake. He later moved to Motel 6 in Wildwood. Last week, he updated his address to reflect that he has moved to Room 121at the Budget Inn on State Road 44, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Budget Inn in Wildwood
Budget Inn in Wildwood


Hepp was convicted of sexually abusing the Boy Scout on three separate occasions, according to court documents. The first two abuses occurred when Hepp and the boy were at a Boy Scout camp. Hepp invited the boy to go fishing and when they were alone in the woods, Hepp showed the boy pornography and performed oral sex on him. On the third occasion, Hepp and the boy were at a Boy Scout jamboree. Hepp went into the boy’s tent at the end of the day, asked him to take his pants off and performed anal sex on him. The victim later sued the Boy Scouts of America. During the trial, evidence showed that a worried parent wrote a letter to the Boy Scouts expressing concerns that Hepp was a child molester.

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