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McGrady’s Restaurant & Pub appears to be struggling to find workers

The yet-to-be-opened McGrady’s Restaurant & Pub appears to be struggling to find workers.

The restaurant which will feature a Scottish culinary experience is located at Sawgrass Grove down in the southern end of The Villages.

The Villages held a hiring event Saturday at a Holiday Inn Express down in Clermont. The success of the hiring event appears to be questionable, as The Villages Hospitality Department on Sunday reposted numerous McGrady’s Pub jobs on The Villages Human Resources’ Department webpage. The jobs that were reposted on Sunday included a kitchen supervisor, host/hostess,  prep/line cooks, line cooks, servers, barbacks and dishwashers.

McGradys Restaurant and Pub
McGrady’s Restaurant & Pub is located at Sawgrass Grove.

McGrady’s apparent employment struggle comes at a time when many restaurants in The Villages are facing a labor shortage.

Mother’s Day was a busy eating-out day in The Villages and many restaurants were upfront with diners about staffing shortages, including TooJay’s at Brownwood which had a sign prominently posted at the hostess station.

McGrady’s Pub has a leg up in hiring, as it can dangle coveted benefits because it is operated by the Developer of The Villages. McGrady’s Pub is offering benefits including a 401k plan as well as health, vision and dental coverage. Employment at the restaurant also comes with Tier 1 eligibility at The Villages Charter School. Tier 1 is reserved for those working for business entities operated by The Villages and is a privileged perk sought by parents.

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