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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Some weapons should be outlawed

To the Editor:

Why does any individual in this country need a automatic rifle capable of releasing hot lead in a trajectory chosen by its user, to inflict bodily harm on unsuspecting human targets? Right away the NRA and its momentous membership defend their right to bear arms for personal and family protection. Their reasons for wanting guns is justifiable,
but an automatic rifle? Capable of firing multiple amounts of ammo in a minimum amount of time? We do not yet have, and never will have, in my and your lifetime, any type of instrument capable of detecting the immediate thoughts of any individual walking the streets or riding in a vehicle, with thoughts in a disturbed mind, to commit bodily harm on others, with a loaded automatic rifle that he recently purchased. The way I see it, is, Congress needs to pass a law to make it unlawful to manufacture, own, or borrow, or use, any automatic rifle capable of firing multiple rounds of bullets simultaneously.

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake



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