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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

MVP Athletic Club locations in The Villages sold to another company

Genesis Health Clubs has purchased the Spanish Springs and Brownwood locations of MVP Athletic Clubs in The Villages.

Included in the deal were exclusive rights to be the sole health club provider for The Villages, paving the way for future expansion.

The move represents a symbolic milestone for the Wichita, Kansas-based Genesis Health Clubs, which previously operated as a regional brand with locations in the Midwestern and Mountain States and is the largest private health club provider in the country. The new locations represent the first southern and coastal expansions for the company, signaling their arrival as a national brand.

“Genesis is a family-owned business that has operated in Wichita for over 30 years. We started with one location and grew gradually. Six years ago, our company doubled in size overnight, and it’s been steady, sustained growth since then, even through the pandemic. We went from a locally owned Kansas company to a national brand; it’s been quite a ride,” said Genesis Health Clubs Owner and President Rodney Steven.

The MVP Athletic Club moved into La Reina Building at Spanish Springs about a dozen years ago.

“These two new locations will be our introduction to both the East Coast and the South. When we enter a new market, we try to get enough clubs to really reach a critical mass. This is just the first step for Florida; I can’t wait to share more as we continue to grow and invest in the Sunshine State,” Steven said.

The Genesis business model involves acquiring health clubs and revitalizing them through new equipment, remodels, and added features and amenities.

MVP came to The Villages in 2010, taking over operation of the Wellness Center at La Reina Building at Spanish Springs. MVP later added a location at Brownwood.

MVP operated a facility at Brownwood.

“It has been our privilege to work with the residents and community members of The Villages for the past 12 years. MVP was honored to be part of making The Villages America’s Healthiest Hometown! We know Genesis Health clubs will be a great partner with the community and provide growth and services for years to come,” said MVP Sports Clubs President Karl Droppers.

The transition to Genesis provides all MVP members, including those under a Medicare-sponsored plan, the ability to continue membership seamlessly with no interruptions and no price increase.

Genesis Health Clubs now has 59 locations. Formally a Midwest-based facility with 57 clubs focused in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa; it has grown to 59 with the expansion to the east coast in Florida.

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