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What is an assault rifle?

To the Editor:

What is an assault rifle? The answer is in its name, assault. A definition of assault is “make a physical attack on” or “a physical attack”. These are offensive weapons of War that are used to attack and destroy the enemy. An assault rifle is not a defensive weapon and should not be used for self-defense purposes. There are less lethal weapons for protection (self-defense); such as the shot gun, hunting rifle or hand gun; provided there is a limit to the number of bullets these weapons can carry and, also, the type of ammunition allowed to be used.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution, “the right to bear arms”, to me has two simple meanings. First of course, this was meant to allow citizens to protect their persons, families and property (The Home ), with the right to bear arms that provide defensive protection.
However, the Second Amendment to the Constitution, also, allows the right to bear arms in defense of community from outside attack. When arms are born in this situation they are not used in a defensive manner but rather in an offensive way, so as to repel and defeat the invaders who have come from outside the community, with the intent to harm local Citizens or destroy community property. In this situation an assault rifle would be the perfect weapon of choice. The community has been turned into a War zone by the invading outsiders and this calls for offensive weapons of War to be used.
Modern technology could offer a solution to the assault rifle debate that avoids the extreme positions on both sides. It calls for militia type-groups to be organized in every community (say each state county ), each with their own community training grounds, so long as they are inclusive of the whole community. If organized militia-style training was provided to members of the community, who legally owned an assault rifle, they could then be displayed in a military parade-like manner. These militia-type groups, if run properly, would instill a spirit of pride and service in the community.
The government should be allowed to monitor, in the least intrusive way, all assault rifles for the protection of all citizens and the community by ensuring they are used in a legal manner. Therefore, assault rifle owners would be require to purchase a secure gun safe to store this weapon and have internet access. These gun safes would be fitted with a sensor that would only detect when the safe door was opened or closed. This information would be available to law enforcement, over the internet, so they could determine if an assault rifle was taken from or put back into the gun safe, that is, if the assault rifle is being used properly.
Assault rifle practice with ammunition would not be allowed by citizens on private property, but only at Community owned and operated locations should live, or even simulated, assault rifle practice be conducted. At designated times, citizens with assault rifles would be allowed to bring them for gun practice, gun cleaning and gun military parading. After the designated practice time, all assault rifle owners would have to put their assault rifles back into its gun safe and close the door, all while under internet monitoring to verify the assault rifle is secure. Possible in-home possession of the assault rifle, for gun handling or cleaning purposes, could be devised technologically, to allow Citizens to more fully possess their assault rifle.
The police would know if an assault rifle was taken from a safe, at an unauthorized time, and can go investigate the matter. This allows the citizen, that owns an assault rifle, the freedom to remove the gun as he sees fit. But if he removes the assault rifle at an unauthorized time, he better have a damn good reason for doing so, or face stiff criminal penalties.
A strictly enforced ban would then be implemented on all unauthorized ownership, storage or possession of assault rifles. Severe penalties would be imposed on citizens who violate this ban; and, also, for any citizen who knows about a ban violation and fails to notify law enforcement.
If we all put our minds together a community-wide solution can be found with today’s modern technology.
Finally, on the humorous side, if the Second Amendment is found to allow an assault rifle to be carried anywhere in public, because “it’s not the gun it’s the person behind the gun that causes the problem” argument, then let me carry a few hand grenades (another weapon of War) in my car to defend myself. I’m a responsible law abiding citizen, just as most people in America are, and I would never throw one out the window during a minor road rage incident. I would just use it to defend myself, if necessary. You can count on me not to make a mistake in using, transporting and storing my grenades. To me, those who believe in this type of argument are foolish, but it’s just my opinion. And if you feel you have to absolutely own and carry and use an assault rifle then do it in the proper place; go to the War in Ukraine. I do not even care if you fight for Putin, the Trump admired despot, in the War; at least it would be used in a proper setting, however I would wish you would perish in your attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Carl Casale
Village of Pine Hills


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