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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Village of Fernandina resident celebrates after getting fourth hole-in-one

A Village of Fernandina resident celebrated after getting his fourth hole-in-one.

Dennis Morey
Dennis Morey

Dennis Morey scored his fourth lucky ace on June 11 at the Tarpon Boil Executive Golf Course. He got the hole-in-one at Hole #5 at 150 yards using a 7-hybrid.

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Somebody has to take action on Putin

A Village of Alhambra resident, in a Letter to the Editor, wonders what it’s going to take for the world to stand up to Vladimir Putin in Russia.

Too many complaints about The Villages

A Village of Orange Blossom Hills resident who has been here since 1977 says people need to stop complaining about The Villages. Read his Letter to the Editor.

Cognitively impaired senior citizen

A Village of Tamarind Grove resident, in a Letter to the Editor, has a warning about a “cognitively impaired” senior citizen.

Clarifying my earlier letter on grandchildren in The Villages

A Village of Monarch Grove resident has written to clarify her earlier Letter to the Editor about grandchildren in The Villages.

Biden has declared war on us old people

A Village of Amelia resident, in a Letter to the Editor, makes the argument that President Biden has “declared war on us old people.”