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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Former President Trump is an embarrassment to the GOP

To the Editor:

I have written a letter in response to a solicitation email from the GOP asking for funding support for Donald Trump (as if he needed it.) As you will see, my support has diminished. Here is my letter which I returned in their self-addressed envelope but with MY postage stamp.

July 23, 2022

Mr. Trump:

I voted for you in November 2020 as did many of my friends because you were on the right track to continue bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., close off the illegal immigrants’ access to our country and many other attributes of a genuine business executive to keep America safe and prosperous.
HOWEVER, some other friends having the same appreciation of your management of our country wished to make you aware that not ALL of us agreed with your lack of professionalism and ongoing campaigning while in office – not to mention your sometimes demeaning language toward your opponents. To that end, many Republicans who were so certain you would win a second term regardless, wanted to send you a clear message that your tactics were not professional to say the least so they cast their vote for the obviously inept and sure-to-lose Democratic candidate just to show their dissatisfaction.
Mr. Trump, your most obvious public demonstration of less than professional mannerism, and the reason some voted for Mr. Biden, was the way you handled the nationally televised debate with him. Instead of allowing him to go on demonstrating his ineptitude with a smile on your face you constantly interrupted him making YOU look like the losing candidate. Instead, you might have chosen to dispute whatever he had said and WON the favor of MANY viewers right there!
Unfortunately, there were just enough of your supporters voting against you to sway the vote and bring about the disastrous situation we are now faced with.
You, sir, are the actual reason the United States is in the situation we are in at this time!
I sincerely wish you would immediately cease your continued embarrassment of the GOP and do your campaigning for a likeminded member of our party who can carry forward what you started and Make America Great Again!

FORMER contributor,
Frederic L. Gilpin

Frederic “Lee” Gilpin
Village of Liberty Park


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