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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

We need to hear the unbiased story

To the Editor:

So many letters talking about criminalizing Trump when only one side of the story is coming out. The Jan. 6 hearings are all one sided. Purposely driven by House Dems and two RINOs to put as much scandalous information out to the public as possible. It can be seen in all of the negative Trump letters written in this forum that it is just an extension of what the biased media has presented. When will the media present the cross examination of these alleged crimes? Where is the “due process of law” stated in the Fifth Amendment? I for one would like to see an unbiased presentation of the other side of the story. If you were charged with a crime and only the prosecutor had the floor and no defense was allowed, how do you think the jury would vote? That is what we are seeing here right now.

Joe Wollschlager
Village of Hemingway


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