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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Why did dictator of Hungary speak at CPAC?

To the Editor:

Just an observation.
After having witnessed several clips of the recent CPAC conference, I am very discouraged. Seriously? Viktor Orban, the white nationalist dictator of Hungary? Keynote speaker?
What has become of the right wing politicians of this country?
The scenes that I saw were filled with nothing but racism, hatred, and bigotry. Is that what 40% of you folks want for this country? There was no agenda or an equitable way forward for the nation. The only thing close to an agenda was pitting us against each other. The lies spewing from the hypocritical pie holes of the likes of Donny and Ted were horrible. The very same things they were railing against, are the things they are trying to force upon the entire population.
Dems taking away freedoms? How stupid do they think we are? I for one do not want to live under a White nationalist, christian, theocracy, ruled by an authoritarian, to whom everyone must swear loyalty, or face consequences. That isn’t America. The MAGA wingnuts don’t care about the rank and file citizens. They only strive to keep power and enrich themselves on the backs of us all.
Another observation.
Since when have some of us become so thin-skinned that we are willing to turn our backs on family members or longtime friends? This is an unfortunate result of all the madness. Though we may have different ideas, does that mean that we need to hate each other? Why can’t we agree to disagree, and strive for the common good, and not force values on folks whose notions may differ.

Terry Blatchley
Orange Blossom Hills


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