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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New poll finds Biden would win over Trump

By a narrow margin a new poll finds that voters say they are more likely to vote for a Democrat for Congress (46%) than vote for a Republican (44%).

Looking ahead two years, 45% say would vote for President Joe Biden, while 42% would support former President Donald Trump, according to a new New York Times/Siena College poll of registered voters. Biden’s job approval and favorability ratings are both up significantly, 16 and 15 points respectively – Trump’s favorability rating is up eight points – but remains underwater.

Voters oppose the SCOTUS’ Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade 62-30%. Similarly, 62% say abortion should be always or mostly legal and 31% say it should be mostly or always illegal. When it comes to the economy, by 52-38%, voters say they agree more with Republicans rather than Democrats. By a narrow 49-46% margin, voters oppose a semi-automatic weapon ban, and by a similar 47-43% margin, voters say they agree more with Republicans than Democrats on gun policy.

“Seven weeks till the midterms, and America remains a country whose voters are deeply and closely divided on a wide range of issues and potential elections. Looking at the race for control of Congress, 95% of Democrats plan to vote for the Democrat, 96% of Republicans plan to vote for the Republican, and independents are closely divided, tilting toward the Republicans 41-40%,” said Dr. Don Levy, Director, Siena College Research Institute.

“While men plan to vote Republican for Congress by nine points, women favor Democratic candidates by 13 points,” Levy said. “Democrats have an overwhelming lead with Black voters and the support of a majority of Latinos and white voters with a college degree. Whites without a college degree favor Republicans 61-29%.”

“Looking ahead two years and the possibility of a 2020 presidential rematch, Biden holds a narrow 45-42% lead over Trump, a three-point edge, similar to Biden’s popular vote advantage in 2020,” Levy said. “Again, better than 90% of Democrats and Republicans stick with their party’s candidate, and independents are tied at 38% for each. Trump has solid leads with men and whites without a college degree, while Biden has similar or larger leads with women, whites with a college degree, Blacks, and Latinos.”

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