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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Some officials worried ‘gossip’ could doom independent fire district referendum

Some officials are worried that “gossip” could doom a referendum on The Villages Independent Fire Control and Rescue District.

Community Development District 8 officials aired their concerns in a meeting Friday morning at SeaBreeze Recreation Center.

Residents appear to be wary of an independent board to be appointed by the governor.

“I am hearing a lot of residents saying, ‘We are going to have to keep an eye on them,’” said Supervisor Duane Johnson.

Assistant District Manager Brittany Wilson said statutorily there will be parameters in which the board would be operating. If the board wanted to step outside those parameters, its members would have to go back to the voters.

In addition, CDD 8 Board Chairman Larry McMurry said residents don’t feel Sumter County has been been “forthcoming” about financing with regard to the fire district.

CDD 8 Supervisor Phil Walker saluted Chief Edmund Cain of The Villages Public Safety Department who attended a recent question-and-answer session about the independent fire districts. Walker said Cain enjoyed the exchange with residents of CDD 8. Cain has spoken at numerous events leading up the Nov. 8 referendum.

The District has offered a wealth of information about the independent fire district referendum.

Information can be obtained at the following links:

Fire District Assessment Rate Calculator

Proposed Fire District Boundary Map

September 2022 Fire District Presentation

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