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The Villages
Friday, November 11, 2022

Villager celebrates after getting fourth hole-in-one

Village of Summerhill resident Hans Jost got his fourth hole-in-one Saturday, Oct. 22 at Hole #2 at the Turtle Mound Executive Golf Course.

Hans Jost
Hans Jost

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Rentals and children in The Villages

A Village of Monarch Grove resident overheard a conversation about rentals in The Villages and it has prompted numerous questions. Read her Letter to the Editor.

Why hasn’t the Daily Sun reported result of fire district vote?

A Village of Sunset Pointe resident is wondering why The Villages Daily Sun has not reported the result of the independent fire district referendum.

HUD-owned homes are not ‘HUD housing’

A Wildwood resident, in a Letter to the Editor, tries to clear up misconceptions about “HUD housing.”

The Villages isn’t immune to housing woes

A Village of Hacienda South resident contends The Villages is not immune to housing woes.

Villager objects to criticism about renters

A Villager objects to criticism about renters. Read her Letter to the Editor.