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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Lady Lake officials can’t give away water for Sumter County development

Robert Nyce
Robert Nyce

If this is true it must stop. Apparently, Sumter County developers are once again coming to Lady Lake requesting water and sewer services in northeast Sumter County. Really!

Sumter County is one of the fastest growing counties in the USA but they cannot provide water and sewer services for their own development? Lady Lake commissioners should once and for all stop this at the gate. Lady Lake is a relatively small community. It has five wards, three of which are located in The Villages. Those three wards get water and sewer from The Villages. If The Villages ever decides it is no longer profitable to do so, where will those three wards get water and sewer?

Plus, there are already several apartment complexes in the works in Lady Lake. All of this development will consume water and sewer for Lady Lake residents. This does not even come close to a rational choice. Lady Lake commissioners must take a stand against providing any water and sewer services to Sumter County. Why would they? Water and sewer are not profitable and were never meant to be. They are public services paid for by the residents of a community and the customers. They are also very expensive to maintain and replace.

Lady Lake just spent a substantial amount for a new well. In this case, on Monday, Nov. 7, Lady Lake commissioners must take a final stand and reject any request from Sumter County developers for water and sewer. Sumter County has already dumped the consequences of several large apartment complexes on Lady Lake, north on 441, at Cherry Lake Road and CR466 and now they want MORE! Can’t anyone say NO? Stop the insanity of giving away vital services to one of the richest counties in Florida. the residents of Lady Lake do not owe Sumter County or its developers anything except a resounding NO! My two cents.

Robert Nyce is a resident of the Village of El Cortez, which is located within the Town of Lady Lake.

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