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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Fuming about Oren Miller behind bars

To the Editor:

When I heard our friend Oren Miller, former Sumter County Commissioner was ordered to jail for violating the Florida Sunshine Law in Tony Tatti’s kangaroo court, I started to fester a slow and angry hatred for those who one way or another sought revenge by enabling this gross injustice. They include the usual local losers Bradley Arnold, Tony Tatti, Sasha Kidney, Jennifer Key and Russell Seuss; all owned and paid by the biggest loser of all, Billionaire Mark Morse.
But let’s not also forget the real losers and grifters who profit most from such a system of gross injustice — Ronny DeSatan, Little Marco Rubio, Mark Morse, and especially Ricky Scott, who as we all know defrauded Medicare for over $100Mil and then, instead of being indicted and sent to prison for it arose to the positions of Governor and U.S. Senator in this penis-shaped haven of domestic terrorists. I am pissed! I am angry and I want Oren Miller released!

Larry Berman
Village of Sabal Chase


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