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Cousin of President John Adams will portray Abigail Adams at event in The Villages

Abigail Adams by Marcea Oetting
Marcea Oetting portrays Abigail Adams

The Villages Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution will host First Lady Abigail Adams (as portrayed by Marcea Oetting) at their 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10 meeting at Captiva Recreation Center. She will speak about her time in the White House and the first holiday in the White House.  

Oetting was born in Iowa City, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa at age 19 with a B.A in History, and has taught history. She came to Florida in the early 1990’s and married Paul Winston Oetting, who passed away in 1996. They have one son. 

Oetting is a fourth generation member of DAR, and is vice regent of the Adams-Onís Treaty chapter of DAR in Winter Garden. She is also a member of Colonial Dames of America, Order of the Steel Magnolias, The Jamestowne Society, and several other lineage based organizations. Oetting was a member of many acting troupes, and especially enjoys sharing about our amazing secnd First Lady, Abigail Adams because she is a third cousin nine times removed (nine generations back) of John Adams.

Oetting tells the story of being dressed in colonial costume for a Veterans Day parade when she was stopped by a small group of service men. They asked if she would pose with them for pictures. The last man asked if she was like Martha Washington, and she replied: “No. I’m way too ornery for that, I’m an Abigail Adams.”

The Villages SAR meets at 10 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at Captiva Recreation Center. Visitors are welcome.

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