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Tutors for Kids will hear from longtime reading specialist

Stephanie Lein
Stephanie Lein

Tutors for Kids is holding its quarterly tutor meeting from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15 at Eisenhower Recreation Center.

All tutors, current and past, are invited to attend. The agenda will provide time for tutors to interact with their colleagues and an update on book distribution as incentives for tutored students. 

The featured speaker will be Stephanie Lein, reading interventionist at Leesburg Elementary School, one of the schools where Tutors for Kids serves. She has been a reading specialist for 27 years. Her powerpoint presentation “Pro Tips from a Reading Specialist” promises to appeal to every level of tutoring.

Learn more about Tutors for Kids at https://www.tutors4kids.org/

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