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Monday, June 5, 2023

Wildwood commissioners approve CDDs for new commercial areas of The Villages

Wildwood commissioners Monday night gave final approval to two community development districts to govern commercial areas in the Villages of Southern Oaks.

The Middleton Downtown Community Development District will cover a 61-acre area south of Central Parkway (formerly County Road 470) and is expected to include 350,000 square feet of commercial space and some residential units.

This map shows the location of the Middleton Downtown Community Development District
This map shows the location of the Middleton Downtown Community Development District.

North of Central Parkway, the 50-acre Eastport Community Development District will include 250,000 square feet of commercial space and possibly some residential units.

Employees of The Villages were appointed to serve on both boards.

Board members of the Middleton Downtown district include Dennis Stradinger, chairman; Steve Prinz, vice chairman; Don Levens, secretary-treasurer; Alison Emily, supervisor; and John Weber, supervisor.

Stradinger is vice president of The Villages while Printz is a former Sumter County commissioner. Levens is a former Community Development District 12 supervisor while Emily is an interior designer.

Both districts will provide infrastructure improvements to enhance commercial development.

“The establishment of the district is likely to increase economic growth, job creation, employment, private sector investment and business competitiveness,” stated petitions to set up the districts, adding that ongoing costs to the city will be minimal.

By 2025, the Middleton district plans to spend $26.5 million on parking areas, $12.5 million on landscaping and irrigation, $6.9 million on earthwork and storm water collection and $4.1 million on roadways. Property owners may be taxed to fund the improvements.

Board members of the Eastport district include Heather Owen, chairwoman; John Judge, vice chairman; Geno Jacquin, secretary-treasurer; Dave Lewis, supervisor; and Ashley Abbott, supervisor. Owen is assistant director of purchasing and Judge is The Villages controller, Jarquin is community development director and Abbott is commercial purchasing coordinator.

This map shows the location of the Eastport Community Development District
This map shows the location of the Eastport Community Development District.

Projected infrastructure improvements for the Eastport district by 2025 include $22 million for parking areas, $10 million for landscaping and irrigation, $6.9 million for roadways, $5.8 million project entry features and $5.4 million for earthwork and storm water collection.

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